Baton Rouge Fire Accident Relief

A big THANK YOU to all the donors that helped us achieve our target. The students are in the process of obtaining their passports soon and are receiving monetary and in-kind donations from several sources. We thank each and every donor for their generosity in this time of need.   The students are very grateful to all the donors and volunteers.

WE ARE CLOSING THIS COLLECTION AT THIS TIME, as we have reached our target. 

Feel free to support another worthy cause.

Thanks to all the volunteers and the local community who donated time, money and necessities, and spread the donation link through social media.

Futher donations are not being collected for fire relief at this time.

Donations given until now, $50 and above will receive a tax exemption through

Ekam USA   a 501(c) (3) organization

Please call or email with any questions

Ravi Ponnapureddy

Vindhya Kemisetty

Click for WAFB report   Details

We have 11 Indian students who are pursuing Masters at Southern University A&M college, baton rouge. They stay at highland plantation apartments with shared accommodation between two 2-bedroom apartments.
A fire started around mid-afternoon on May 6th. Some students were outside while we have some inside. Everyone alerted each other and could get out without any injuries. Four of students in one apartment could save their passports but the other 7 lost them in the fire. Both apartments were totally burnt and they lost everything- documents/passports/laptops/ masters textbooks/clothing/household stuff, etc. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.
The students are in shock, trying to cope with their losses. They just got assigned to temporary accommodation.
 The Baton Rouge community is taking care of their immediate needs, accommodation, food, etc.
We sincerely request you to help these students with monetary donations to support their needs.
The students who lost their passports need help to get the passports immediately, as they are the main identity document for them.
Any help for these students to start back will be greatly helpful.
We are thankful to all the donors that have donated generously to the relief fund.
A thank you letter from the students
> Greetings!!!
> After our house burned May 6,2017 we have truly been blessed with an outpouring of help and support from friends,family and people we don’t know.
> Our friends,neighbors and especially Indian Telugu Community have rushed to our aid with love,prayers,caring, supportive words and generous financial assistance to the point where we feel almost overwhelmed.
> Words cant express our gratitude to each and every one mentioned and others who also have stepped forward.We are blessed to have so many people who care for us and those who have done their jobs so well.Our hearts are full of love,respect and thankfulness to all.
> We would like to say massive THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for the donation of 640$(the primary fund) which helped us a lot and we have incredibly touched by your kindness during our toughest times. It has really helped us to replace the most of our lost things.
> Although we lost almost everything,we have had so many people offering help and support and that has truly uplifted our spirit.We would like to thank all the people for your moral and financial support in our hard times.We are all very much grateful for your help and remember a lot forever throughout our lives.
> Warmest Thanks & regards

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